To be honest, we have no idea how you got here. Maybe you were looking for us due to our content. Maybe a friend told you about that. Maybe you just searched Gaming and Chill to if it meant the same thing as Netflix and Chill (I mean it could be, but I promise you that isn’t the case on this website but… you do you). Maybe you stumbled upon us seeking a respite from wandering the internet wasteland (it’s a scary place out there), surfing through sub-reddits, or checking out the latest politician rambling on Twitter. Truth is, it doesn’t matter how you found us. What really matter is you are here. So once again: Welcome!

The Gaming and Chill Podcast is as you may have guessed, a PODCAST about gaming and other forms of entertainment that help us chill. Such as movies, anime, manga, pop culture, and comfort food. However, that’s not all it’s about. We also share about life, family, work stress, and our general tomfoolery. So if you want to know more ABOUT us, feel free to have a look around! We know its a a rough journey out there, and we want you to know you don’t have to wander the wastes alone. So you are personally invited to our community. Join our DISCORD channel to meet some amazing people. Check out what the team is playing/watching/reading/listening to by reading our REVIEWS. If you are enjoying our content and community and are looking for a way to help, check out our SUPPORT page to see ways you can help contribute to the overall mission.

We hope you enjoy your stay. In case no one has told you this in a while You’re awesome, and thank you for for your time. SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY.