404 error

Well...We done goofed. This page was probably something at some point but it looks like there isn't anything here right now.  We can't promise this page will ever work right because let's face it...we barely hold the site together with paperclips, duct tape, and we're sure medieval peasants would call it magic.

We're trying our best, actually Sam, Derrick, and Micah are Doug is not. He says he is "writing" or "planning a Dungeons and Dragons campaign" and best of all "making toast" but it just looks like goofing off. We're not bitter about...not one bit...there is no bitterness here.

Back to the point, you reached this point and you're wondering what this is about...that's a fantastic question. We're not sure either. This page could have been about the power balance of Greyskull...seriously does anyone else ever get the power? Name one besides Prince Adam. None? That was our thought too, Man-at-Arms could use some power once in awhile. It's hard enough being in the Prince's shadow but now He-Man's? It's practically tearing his marriage apart, he can't sleep at night, and frankly Skeletor's dental plan and insurance coverage is fantastic. 

Come to think of it, this page was definitely not that...its ridiculous really. Most likely this page was supposed to be a blog, and that's why your getting this long-winded 404 message. Its almost poetry at this point...actually let's just add some poetry.

A link was misclicked,
A very dumb long message.
It's snowing on Mt. Fuji.
                                       ~Totally not Doug