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About Us…

Gaming and Chill exists because two brothers had a strong passion for gaming, media, and the ability to say “yeah I’m a content creator on the internet." Unfortunately they were too ugly to be Instagram models, too late to be vine stars, and too uncoordinated to play League of Legends. They did however own enough audio-visual equipment to do a substantial amount of damage.

Cut back to the year 2013 when these same two brothers met Sam at a mutual friend's wedding. Sam also had a love for games, along with the desire to make things that probably shouldn't be created in the first place. After a few tacos and questionable choices, Sam joined forces with the twins. (Michael Bay is getting back to us on that flashback... be patient.)

Now the three of them armed with a Charisma level of 10, audio-visual equipment, and true grit determination produce content because they really don’t know how to quit. Gaming and Chill is about Video Games, Anime, Manga, Science Fiction, Technology, IRL Skills/projects, and all round tomfoolery. Welcome and thank you all for your support!

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*Please refer all complaints to Doug, he really has nothing better to do.