Monster Hunter World - Shotgun News

Monster Hunter World - Shotgun News


Fellow Hunters! Our waiting is complete and if your like me you logged about 19 hours from Friday night to Sunday evening playing Monster Hunter World. This article isn’t going to be a review...for that you will have to wait on Derrick to write that out, however what this article will be is just a shotgun blast of Monster Hunter news articles that on their own wouldn’t be much on an article...fear not I’ve Frankensteined it.

Everyone loves costumes right? It's why we have Halloween, why cosplay is even a thing and more importantly why Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter are getting their own costumes in Monster Hunter World. These armor sets are complete sets in that you can’t just equip Ryu’s headband with your Jagras duds or Sakura’s skirt with your Rathalos boots. In addition to the costumes you can also purchase Gestures much like you can purchase the prance gesture...which I have totally done. We don’t have any indication of when the event will go live however we do know that people with Street Fighter 5 data on their console will be getting the quests early...which reminds me to order Street Fighter...It's unrelated, stop asking questions.

Now that I’ve ordered Street Fighter my wallet is looking pretty anemic these days, I should go Monster Hunting...for real. Capcom announced that they would be partnering with Jon Downes of the Centre of Fortean Zoology. Their partnership could be my...I mean your gain; They are offering a $70,000 bounty on evidence of one of the ten monsters they have on their list...which is the following:

  • Bigfoot

  • Nessie

  • Mongolian Death Worm

  • Mermaids

  • Earth Hound

  • Yeti or Almasty

  • Chupacabra

  • The flying snake of Namibia

  • Yowie

  • Cornish Owlman

So If you found the Piasa are out luck because Capcom don’t care about your wimpy Zapdos. Also please know that if multiple people bring in evidence of a beast then you will split the money...the smart person would share the reward because remember what happened to Rene Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The real money would be in the book deal and the university circuit talking to biologists about your discovery. So maybe hire yourself a good lawyer, secure a book deal, and get some fancier clothes with the reward money so you can afford the mansion in your glory days. Or disregard all of that and go on a stabbing spree to be the highlander of reward money...I’m not one to tell people how to live their life.

If you had to many copies of Monster Hunter World do you think was shipped in 3 days? If you guess 5 five million you're absolutely correct and are probably some kind of wizard! Since Friday 5 million copies were shipped, and yes this figure does add in digital sales as well, I’m proud to be in that number! However with the PC version coming out later this year and with this being just the first 3 days rest assured that this game will most likely beat ten million in sales by the end of the week...that's my prediction. Now what this means for the franchise is a renewed vigor for the developers who took massive risks changing some of the core mechanics. When you change a game as drastically as the change from Generations to now its a massive leap and isn’t wholly unlike the change from Sliders season two and Sliders season three (Sweet Sliders reference amiright?).

If you’re one of the five million people who bought the game I would love to hear about your experiences! As always you can tweet at us using @Byte_Sizenews and your voice could become part of a future article. Your task this week is to send this article to one friend, not just any friend but a friend you never talk to. Why you might ask? We’ll it will either rekindle a friendship because they love Monster Hunter and you never knew or they will open it and immediately unfriend you. Real talk here you always say you all need to hang out but you never do...maybe this is the push you need to rekindle it or kill it.


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