My Hero Academia Review

A hero is someone who smashes through every obstacle life puts in his way! Do you know of what I speak villain! Plus Ultra!
— All Might
My Hero Academia.jpg

English: "My Hero Academia"

Japanese: "Boku no Hīrō Akademia"

Seasons So Far: 2

Genre: Shonen, Action, Superhero



In the world of "My Hero Academia" 80% of the population are born with superpowers that are called quirks. These quirks can range from causing explosions in your hands, invisibility, Anti-Gravity, and controlling wood. Some quirks are better than others, but all quirks are better than no quirks (So people think). Izuku Midoriya, the lead character, does not have a quirk, but that does not stop him from wanting to be a superhero. Izuku may not have powers beyond comprehension but what he does have is the heart of a hero. After meeting his idol, All Might, Izuku finds himself in a situation where his school bully needs saved. Izuku proves that he has what it takes to be a hero, sans a quirk. After taking the entrance exam to a prestigious High School, Izuku shows the world what he can truly do. 

That is brief summary of the plot of "My Hero Academia" (from here on out called MHA). This anime keeps you watching, each episode makes you fall in love with each character. There are no unimportant characters. A lot of anime has throw away background characters that only get time to shine in the filler episodes, but not MHA each character gets a debut and a brief summary of their quirk. Something that I found very impressive is how much the animation department relied on gratuitous Fan Service, or TnA that is to say they don't rely on it at all. There are no moments where I shake my head and sigh as I try and conceal my phone when watching in public. No fan service is somewhat rare in a Shonen anime, the show does poke fun at superhero costumes as a whole. There is a moment where a character asks if a costume is appropriate for a high school teacher to wear. While the costume is shown it, is only shown for a moment and its the point of the joke, and even then its not revealing in and of itself. 

The action is spot on, for a shonen anime you would expect there to be plenty of action sequences, but they are not mindless punches being thrown (Dragon Ball Z looking at you) there is strategy to some characters actions, they don't just go all out and smash everything that looks like a threat. 

I will end this review by saying you should definitely watch this anime, the first season only has 13 episodes and each one is good. My wife who does not watch nearly as much anime as I do, and when she does watch it, its generally with me. I will end with a question she asked me about this anime. 

Do you mind if I watch this without you, since you already saw it?
— J. Hensley