Samurai Gourmet Review

Streaming Platform: Netflix

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Episodes: 12


I firmly believe the purest form of time travel is nostalgic food. Samurai Gourmet in a bizarre way proves this; in several of the episodes Kasumi (the main character) remembers something from his youth to early adulthood and it ties into the dish of the week.

Kasumi is a retired man free from the restraints of being a company man, but this has made him lose something of himself. One afternoon he finds himself taking a walk and ends up at a restaurant...he orders a normal lunch but then is "tempted" by a cold beer. Should he drink? Its the afternoon can he drink? What would the masterless samurai do? Drink of course!

All throughout the episodic series he is put into a situation where he is torn between what he would do and what this wandering samurai would do. Every episode is different and really can be watched in any order, but my suggestion would be to watch episode 1 to get the samurai's introduction and get a gist of the series as a whole.

My personal favorite episode is entitled "Mackerel in the Morning" and it follows a narrative closer than any of the other episodes. This episode deals with times gone by and how nostalgia paired with new experiences is about the best thing in life.

Would I recommend this series? Absolutely, but not on an empty stomach lest it turn out to be 3am and your craving a cold beer and croquettes. It's an amazing series to binge watch with each episode being about 20 minutes. So do yourself a favor and watch this series and let us know in the comments if this show inspired you to try one of the featured dishes or if you have any nostalgic dishes.