Bikini Warriors Review

It’s Not a Bikini If It’s Armor
— Episode 1 Title

English: Bikini Warriors

Japanese: ビキニ・ウォリアーズ

Episodes: 12 

Rating: R

WHAT THE FRAK was that? Going in I had really low standards, I mean with a title like Bikini Warriors it can't be good for much. To say that this show is fan service heavy is like saying the ocean is a little damp. This show was created only for reasons that seem pretty apparent. Each episode is only around 5 mins long, but your dignity takes a lot longer to recover from that. Doing research on this (no jokes) The "characters" don't even have real names. The "characters" are only referred to by their "Class". I say all this in quotes  because there are no real characters in this show, the characters are walking talking breasts. The characters serve no purpose, this show honestly one of the shows that gives anime a bad name. People look at this and this is what they picture all anime is about. Anyone who says they are watching this for the plot is flat out lying, to say this has plot is as far from the truth as can be. Honestly this show might have set true feminism back by about 20 years. This anime, In my not so humble opinion, was created for the objectification of women. It is a disgusting waste of animation hours and voice acting talent. I inly watched 5 mins of the show and it was 5.5 minutes too long. I would not recommend this show to anything living, dead or immaterial. Excuse me while I go say a few million Hail Marys.