Saga of Tanya the Evil Review

Saga of Tanya the Evil Review

An Army is an organization. And organizations are nothing without rules!
— Tanya Degurechaff

English: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Japanese: 幼女戦記

Episodes: 12

Genre: Military, Magic

Rating: R


Tanya the evil is a very easily understood show, but hard to explain. In modern times there was a nameless Japanese salaryman who after firing an employee, is pushed in front of a train by the very same person. Moments before getting killed, time stops as a mysterious entity claiming to be god speaks to the salaryman. After telling the salaryman that he is a terrible human being, the entity called Being X challenges the unbelief in the mans heart. Being X tells the man that he will be set to a different world, and if the man dies of anything other than natural causes, the man will go to hell. When the man wakes up, he is now a baby girl named Tanya Degurechaff. This new world that is very similar to Earth in World War 1 has one major difference, Magic. Tanya grows up and determines the best course of action is to join military (before getting drafted) and attempts to get stationed in the away from the war.

This anime is intense which might explain why I watched all 12 episodes in 2 days. There is a lot of plotting and scheme coming from Tanya as she attempts to flee the front lines of combat. Each time she thinks she has proven her worth as a strategist away from combat, the more the upper brass pushes her to the front. Tanya is a brutal commander and when she is first given command of a platoon she regularly puts them in harms way, but as the series moves on she is gruff with them, but soon treats them as part of her team. 

The series is rated R for language and violence, There is no gore but more like people get shot regularly It is a anime about war and the front lines of said war. There is an episode that raises a good moral question, if ordered to do something in battle that will result in civilian casualties and you carry them out who is too blame? This is a tough question and one character has to answer it. When they are ordered to shell a city that might have possible non combatants, he has to decide if their deaths is on his hands or his commanding officer Tanya's hands. 

If you have time and are ok with violence (Saving Private Ryan has more violence so...) and language, and you love war and military movies I would for sure throw this in your watch pile. This is a rare anime that has no nudity or even fan service. I love that an anime that relies on its story and characters rather than titillation. 

If you have seen this anime, leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

We Don’t Win.
We Avoid Defeat
— Tanya Degurechaff
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