Prey (2017) Review

Clever girl.
— Robert Muldoon (Jurassic Park)

System: PS4, PC, Xbox One

Release Date: May 5th 2017

Rating: M for Blood, Language, Alcohol, Violence

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Genre: First Person Shooter 

In most FPS games you begin the game like a fish out of water. A good example of this would be Bioshock, A game that is often used to describe Prey. In Bioshock you begin with no weapons or ammo and by about 4-5 hours in your like a walking battle tank. Prey however give you no such feeling, Sure you make have gotten grenades that deal massive damage, but you only have a very limited supply. The most basic enemy (A Mimic) never stops being a threat, even after getting high powered weaponry these little creeps still manage to get the drop on me. They can take the shape of almost anything and have the ability to sneak up behind you. There are many instances in which I thought I searched the entire room only to have a mimic wailing on my back. Dead Space is another game that is used to describe Prey, and I agree to a point. While Dead Space threatens you with the enemy you can't see, Prey threatens you with the enemy in sight. Prey gives you the feeling of both the hunter and the Prey. While you are hunting the aliens, they are also hunting you and they might just win. 

If you are looking for a game that has a good balance of difficulty and fun, then I would suggest this game very much. I am only 7-8 hours into the game and I know I have a lot more to go, but I already love the game. the game has plenty of ways to accomplish the same goals. You are not simply relegated to running and gunning. Pick it up and try it.