One Piece: Romance Dawn Arc Review

Episodes: 4 (Episode 1-4)

Major Arc Name: East Blue Saga


In the Golden Age of Pirates there was a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy, inspired by the legend of a massive treasure left behind by Gol D. Rodger. This mini arc is part of of the East Blue Saga, the first 4 episodes of not only the arc but the entire show not only defines the main character Luffy. The first episodes explains the backstory of Luffy  and his iconic straw hat, as well shows the recruitment of the first crew member, Zoro (ya, I know). With these 4 episodes the Straw Hat Pirates' journey has begun. 

This Review is a little short but that's ok there are over 700 episodes, With each new arc there will be a new review. To review the whole series at one time would be insane. So I decided to make like Lucio and "Break it Down"