Game Review: Monster Hunter World

Game Review: Monster Hunter World


Publisher: Capcom
Game Type: Action, Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PS4, Xbox, PC (Later)
Reviewed by: Derrick

What can I say about Monster Hunter World that you haven't already heard? This game is amazing. If this is all you read I wanted to open with, But there is so much to unpack about this game.


Monster Hunter is a game with a vast History. The first Monster Hunter came to PS2 in 2004, and in the subsequent years exploded in popularity… in Japan. Here in America, it has only recently gained Popularity, but Monster Hunter World is the first widely reported Monster Hunter game. Before Monster Hunter, while popular was popular among the people who already knew what it was. Since its release on Friday, January 26th, 2018, MHW has sold over 5 million copies, now I am no expert but that is a lot of copies. And at 5 million units sold, something has to be right so let's start this review.

Game Play

This game nails the gameplay aspect, When you first start you really do feel like someone dropped into a world that is completely foreign, Everything seems scary and like it could destroy you at a moments notice (Which is not wrong). However, as you progress through the game you start to feel more and more powerful, not because you learn new powerful attacks, but because you learn the game. You begin to learn patterns of attack and are able to respond accordingly. Sure you get more powerful armor and more powerful weapons, but it's more to do with you know how to use that same weapon more effectively. You start to learn how long each action takes, and how to deal with long animations. However the game never lets you feel like Chuck Norris strolling through a church picnic, The monsters get bigger and more challenging. You never get stagnant in your abilities. Your constantly learning how to deal with that new monster. We will go in to “The Grind” a little later


The music in this game is very fitting, Never does the music feel out of place, it feels like it should belong there. When a Monster appears the music swells to match the tone of the setting. If a monster is actively hunting you it sounds different than if it's just passing you by. The Instrument Choices also really match, if a monster is supposed to be creepy, the music uses minor chords, If the monster is large and imposing then the music starts to rise with power.


The graphics are pure magic, It looks amazing. In my 25+ hours of playing the game, I have not noticed any graphical glitches or anything. There are times when the graphics actually seem to pick up and go to 60fps. Now, this is likely only my imagination, but the game looks smooth. The monsters look like they could actually be real. They look fantastical, but never poorly designed. The environments look stunning as well, The trees really look like trees and the sands look like sand. You can see footprints in the sand, light filters through the trees, and bugs flit to and fro through the air.


The Grind

I had a friend ask if the grind was like Destiny 2. Short Answer...No. There is a grind, but it never feels like you doing the same thing over and over until kingdom come. You can go from fighting one monster to another with no time in between, You always feel connected to your environment. Monsters drop crafting materials, so you never have to worry about a piece of armor dropping, as you have the choice in what you make. You can make the armor you want or the armor you want. So while you're grinding for materials, you are also actively participating in the world.

Last but not least.



In conclusion, Get the game. You will not regret it. 9/10 Monster Bones