DC Universe: Titans (Episodes 1-5)

“F%*k Batman”

-Dick Grayson/Robin

DC Universe’s Titans premier trailer was hilariously dark; as such it looked like it was going to be a currently standard dark and edgy DC production that had so much edge it was a Hot Topic part-time employee. To be very honest I went into my seven-day free trial of DC Universe’s streaming services expecting to watch Titans and be both sad and angry that they would ruin “My Teen Titans”

Ya I was wrong…

At first the show seems like it is going to be the DC gold standard:

  • Edgy Protagonist who swears (Robin)…check

  • I have a monster inside me (Raven)…check

  • Edgy design of a much loved character (Starfire)…check

  • Green…animal…dude (Beast Boy)…check

Alright the checklist went off the rails there but it had all the ingredients of a show designed to be “gritty” and “real”'; both of which seem to be industry terms for the lighting department took the day off and the writer believe everything happens at night while its rainy and nobody smiles.

However as the characters unpacked in the first five episodes they grow. Robin doesn’t have a monologue on why he is angry and says “F%*k Batman” he shows it and gives us small explanations on what happened that he isn’t the boy wonder anymore. Raven doesn’t mope all the time and constantly go on about the demons in her soul…she is a teenage girl who is scared of what is happening with her but she is also a teenage girl who plays pinball and in one of the episodes is genuinely happy. Starfire who I will admit needs a little bit more of a costume change isn’t bad…however she needs to grow. Kory Anders is a woman who forgot her past and only knows one thing…she need to find Raven. Finally Beast Boy has the least screen time but has a bit more maturity in his powers but is still happy.

All that said, the show isn’t perfect. There are two characters I hope they catch up with in the latter half of the season and new characters I hope they introduce after teasing them. If the last half of the season is as good as the first then I can easily see more seasons and spin-offs in store for the DC Universe streaming service.

Overall if you love the DC storylines from the comics or you want to see a “realistic” teen titans go ahead and watch Titans…just remember they aren’t all kids anymore. It’s not the TEEN titans they are the Titans.

I will refrain from rating the show before the full season is out…doing so before would be like rating a cake recipe by looking at the ingredients. Provided the last six episodes don’t take a sharp left turn we are due for a tasty cake.