Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Every immersed yourself so deep in an MMORPG that you forgot the rest of the world? Then let me tell you about the anime series Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Morioka Moriko is a woman who left her highly successful corporate job to become a NEET at her own choosing. In order to pass time, she begins to play an MMO online, and decides that she wants to create an attractive character of the opposite sex. It turns out she is actually pretty bad at the game, that is until a cute female adventurer online comes to her rescue. Needless to say, Morioka begins to waste her time and savings away on the game,  and she develops a crush on this female character and becomes friends with her guild mates. Outside of this, the most human interaction she gets is when she stops by the local convenience store for sustenance. One day, she runs into (literally)an individual at the convenience store and her whole life gets flipped upside down as she realizes what many of us have come to understand: you never know who is on the other side of that keyboard.

I give Recovery of an MMO Junkie a 2.5 out of five. While it is a cute slice of life anime, it is very predictable. Also, you feel like you are missing a lot at the end of the series, but then again maybe that’s in order to get you to read the Manga. I guess we will never know…

Studio: Signal.MD
Writer: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Director: Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
Music By: Conisch
Available On: Crunchyroll
Final Score: 2.5 out of 5.