Karakuri Circus

Who doesn't love the circus? Everyone loves tricks, animals, and clowns right? If you were thinking about the Ringling Brothers just now, I can tell you that the circus found in the anime Karakuri circus has absolutely nothing to do with happiness and everything to do with freaky ass clown puppets. If your interested please continue. If marionettes, ventriloquist dummies, dolls, or clowns creep you out; you may want to skip this one.

Narumi Kato is a ridiculously strong circus worker with a very strange disease called Zonopha syndrome. This means that if people around him are too tense or upset, he begins to have seizures. And becomes unable to breathe. The only way he is able to alleviate this issue is to have others laugh. Obviously his healthiest employment option was to work at the circus to improve his quality of life. One day while passing out flyers, a young boy by the name of Masaru Saiga runs into him (literally). It turns out this young man has just inherited one of the largest fortunes in Japan, and there are a number of mysterious men after him. Narumi witnesses the young Masaru being abducted by 4 strange men, and attempts to intervene using his strength and martial arts skills. Soon after engaging the would be kidnappers, Narumi quickly discovers that the individuals taking Masaru aren't actually human, but rather life sized puppets who can undo broken necks and limbs to our new friends horror.

The natural result of this encounter is the two of them running away for their lives. At the last minute, the duo is saved by a mysterious woman named Shirogane who uses a “marionette” (aka big ass puppet) to fend of the mysterious attackers. Once the main threat is thwarted, the three eventually realize that their fates are now sealed and they begin an adventure to rescue the world from creepy ass puppets.

This series sounded completely uninteresting at first when I saw it advertised. I thought the entire series was going to be super dumb, but what I found was a fresh an thrilling story line. The characters are all lovable, the villains sometimes terrifying, and the series provides a feel good emotional roller coaster that takes you for a ride simultaneously with what feels like the tower of terror. Final rating: 3 out of five. If you have some free time on your viewing list, give it a watch.

Anime Release Date: 2018

Director: Satoshi Nishimura

Produced by: Twin Engine

Writer: Toshiki Inoue & Kazuhiro Fujita

Music: Yuki Hayashi

Studio: Studio VOLN

Watch It On: Amazon Prime

Final Score: 3 out of 5