Love and Lies

Anime romances aren't anything new. Neither are arranged marriage animes, but what if science arranged a marriage and not family or political ties. Sometime in the future, in an attempt to try and increase the birthrate and the genetic makeup among its citizens, the Japanese government creates a program based on numerous physical, emotional, and scientific tests to generate the ideal marriage match for individuals when they turn 16. While they don't “force” the couple to get married, if you reject your match, you definitely pay the price in societal status.

Yukari Nejima as a young man who has just turned 16 and is awaiting his assigned match but there's a problem, he has been in love with a young woman named Misakai Yakasaki for many years. One day, Yukaro confesses his love for Misakai and she responds that she loves him too, only to have government officials interrupt their romantic moment by delivering his assigned match paperwork.

Enter the beautiful Ririna Sanada, Yukari’s assigned match. In a less than ideal first encounter, Yukari admits his love for Misakai and surprisingly, the socially awkward Ririna is fascinated by the idea of Yukari’s belief in marriage for love. Wanting to know more about love and romance, so she befriends Misakai in order to observe her and Yukari’s relationship, and to have a true friend (something she has never really had due to health problems). So the scientifically matched couple awkwardly plays the part while attempting to find a way for Yukaro to marry the woman he truly loves… even if he isn't 100% sure who that is.

What follows is a weird love triangle/square (with the main characters best male friend swooning over him as well) mixed in with a weird and creepy level of government over involvement in an individual's personal life. It does however make you wonder: is it better to marry one that you are temporarily attracted to due to physical appearance or personality, or can science really do a better job at finding your perfect soulmate?

Overall I give this sci-fi love story a 2 out of 5. If you want a better experience I would recommend reading the manga to see if was easier to follow.

Anime Release Date: 2017

Director: Seiki Takuno

Writer: Natsuko Takahashi

Music: Masaru Yokoyama and Nobuaki Nobusawa

Studio: Liden Films

Watch It On: Amazon Prime

Final Score: 2 out of 5