Sometimes love is a crazy thing and family can be found in the most unlikely places. Ryuji is a new Junior in High School. He lives at home with his single mother who works the night shift at a bar as a female entertainer. Unfortunately for Ryuji, his father was a well known criminal who died when he was young so a majority of the school thinks he is a rotten egg like his father, so many students steer clear of him. Other than caring for his mom and doing well in school, Ryuji has only one thing on his mind: his crush Minori.

One day as Ryuji is spacing out he runs into a Taiga Aisaku, a very small girl with a big temper. Through a series of hilarious events, the two of them begin to realize that they both love each other’s best friends which leads to a series of fun adventures as the two of them continuously try to set each other up with their crushes. As the two of them continue to try and help each other with their heartthrobs, a very unique relationship forms between the two.

Toradora is a story about friends, growing up, and young romance. Surprisingly it is quite clean in nature. Honestly, it’s probably the cutest plain slice of life series that I’ve ever watched. You will fall in love with each and everyone of the characters as time goes by. Because of this I give Toradora a 4 out of 5 stars making it a must see for all anime lovers.

Anime Release Date:

Director: Tatsuyuki Nagai

Producers: Takahiro Nakayama, Takaaki Yuasa, Shinichi Ikeda, Muneyuki Kanbe, and Yuji Matsukura

Writer: Mari Okada

Music: Yukari Hashimoto

Studio: J.C. Staff

Watch It On: Crunchyroll

Final Score: 4 out of 5