Infinity Chamber

Inifinity Chamber.jpg

DIRECTOR:  Travis Milloy

WRITERS:  Travis Milloy

RUN TIME: 1H 43Min

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Infinity Chamber came up in my Netflix recommended list, With nothing better to watch I decided to give it a try and I am thankful that I did. 


There is little to no introductory world building, Everything the movie wants you to know, it tells you in a very organic method. There is a little bit of cursing, but other than that no real violence of questionable content. This movie strikes me as a less pretentious Inception. 


A man wakes up in an unfamiliar place with only one other person to talk to, but not everything is as it seems. 

This is one movie I will not spoil because to spoil the movie would undo the entire thing. The whole movie is one giant plot thread and to tell you what that ending is would basically remove the need for you to watch the film. So let's move right into the different facets that make a film


Sound Design: Very Good, there was nothing out of place in the soundtrack or the Folley work. The only "gripe" I could have is that sometimes the dialog felt like it was dubbed or was ADR, but it was nothing as egregious as Justice League. 

Artistic Design: Simple, It was a very Futuristic minimalist design. There was nothing that was out of place and all the set designs were well placed

StoryTelling: Amazing, The story flows smoothly and makes you question what is and is not real, there is no forced storylines or forced dialog it feels very organic. 

Character Design: Perfect, There are very few characters in the movie, but they are all very well cast and have the range of emotions that are needed for this project.

Freshness: Crisp, Very few movies have even attempted the "It was all a dream" aspect and have executed them well. This Movie executes and tells a very clean and simple story that makes you really stop and think. 


Go watch this movie, You will not regret it. It is a very enjoyable movie from the first moment to the last frame. With minimal questionable content, it is a ok movie to watch even at work