Producer/Creator: © Satoshi Hase / monochrom
Released: 2018
Viewing Platform: Amazon Video
Beatless is an interesting new anime that blends a number of different genre’s together in order to make a series. In the distant future android technology becomes so advanced that it is almost impossible to tell them apart from humans. These Human Interaction Elements (or HIE’s as they are called) are used for pretty much every trade/responsibility you can imagine. Ironically, all of the HIE’s that interact normally with humans tend to be female, which is what causes some interesting and awkward dynamics throughout the series. The main antagonist Arato is out shopping one evening when an HIE goes besets and begins to attack him. To his rescue comes Lacia, a attractive HIE with a great amount of power. She asks Arato to become her owner, and ultimately he agrees. The rest of the series is dedicated to finding out what Lacia really is And to protect Arato’s Family and friends along the way.

This anime is rather unique. While it does bring up many technological ethics questions such as “is it morally acceptable to be in love with a robot” (which by the way makes for countless awkward scenes between the two main characters) it also makes you as a human want to ask the HIE characters in the series a Turing Test. The HIE”s are basically human looking slaves, so it makes one wonder: why couldn’t they make them look more Android like in nature? Another question it causes you as a viewer to pause and reflect on is the idea of an “analog hack” where HIE’s trick human thoughts and emotions in order to get a desired result. (Which makes you wonder, are companies doing that already?)

These moral questions are a lot to think about and this Ex Machina like series could be the perfect way to present these moral questions. If I could think of a recent anime that would be closely related to this series it would have to be the Megaman Battle Network series. That is, if all the navi’s were brought into the real world to fight along side their operators.

The most interesting aspect of this review is that it is not quite finished yet. Only the first 4 episode have been released and they are currently releasing one episode every Saturday until all estimated 24 episodes are released. So it has my cautionary stamp of approval, but don’t take my word for it: watch it yourself!