Armed Girls Machiavellism

Release Date: 2017
Studio: Silver Link
Found on: Prime Video
Recommended Audience: Mature Adult

Ever since the birth of my daughter, I have had a lot of free time to catch up on some reviews. Since I am stuck in my house, I thought I would review some of the newer releases on my Prime Video. Some of them were great (check out my review on Gundam Origins), others were promising (like the series Beatless even though it has not finished its release), and then there were others that make me wonder if we may have done irreparable damage to their pop culture after the events of World War 2. Armed Girls Machiavellism is one of those examples.

The entire series takes place at Aichi Symbosis Symbiosis Academy- a private school. Originally Aichi was an all girls school. However after the school became co-ed, the female students established an oppressive caste system in order to “defend” themselves from male oppression. As a result, the “5 swords” was created, a group of 5 female Samurai-like lords that overlook the correction and disciplining of the school. These over the top feminists strike fear into all of the male students and out of fear, they surrender their masculinity and cross dress in order to be left alone by the Five Swords and their “servants”, each of whom have their own distinct fighting style.  

While this feminist system seems to work well for a while, eventually a student by the name of Noruma stumbles upon the academy and cause the entire system to crumble with his male charm and martial arts. Unfortunately for Noruma, this means getting himself in super awkward physical situations with the ladies as he tries to fight his way to the top of the system and meet the mysterious figure that caused him to be transferred in the first place who just so happens to be at some mysterious level above the five swords for surviving their abuse prior to his arrival.

So… swords, anime girls, cross dressing men, and of course the newest anime cliche: the main character has a harem of admirers; this series is a cliche joke with adult situations and nudity thrown into it. Anyone who would watch this just for the sake of watching it may need to do a philosophical re-examination of your life. I honestly have no clue how this series ends because I had the dignity to stop watching early on in the series. I’m sure that if your that curious, you can look up the end online, or watch it for yourself. Don't worry... that sound was the rest of the world judging you.