Grimoire of Zero

Name: Grimoire of Zero
Release: 2017
Studio: White Fox
Producer: ASCII Media Works

Available through: Amazon Prime
Viewing Audience Rating: Late Teen

Medieval Witch Hunts, half man/half beast, mercenaries, and of course magic; these are just a few of the things that make Grimoire of Zero a great watch. In a land set in the dark ages, witches are hunted down by fearful peasants who offer bounties for bringing any magic holders down. The main character which we only know by his title “Mercenary” is what we call a Beastfallen. Beastfallen are born to fully human parents but due to magic, their human souls are attached to beastly bodies. Mercenary is a white tiger like beastfallen who is constantly fighting not only for financial gain, but his own life as well. Witch hunters believe beastfallen to be dangerous so they constantly are trying to kill him. On the flipside, witches supposedly use the creatures heads and blood in ceremonies, so his corpse is valuable to them. Needless to say, this puts our poor friend at a true disadvantage and causes him to have an avid hatred towards witches because he believes it is their fault for his appearance.

While hunting a witch in a forest, he stumbles (literally) upon a young witch named Zero. After a bit of negotiating she makes a pact with Mercenary. If he defends her and helps her find her friend and missing magic book, she will change him back into a full human again. Throughout their adventures they gain additional companions, experience and overcome bullying and bigotry, and even grow in friendship. All the while fighting of bandits, witches, beastfallen, and even knights.      

While there is a bit of language, some adult references, and a brief disrobing scene, the entire series is well balanced. Character development, mystery, fighting, and an all around creative storyline make this series hard to turn away from. The character of Mercenary is well built, and I am sure you will come to recognize him as the most memorable figures of the old series. Do yourself a favor: watch this series, you won't be disappointed that you did. Overall I would give it 7 out of 10 stars.