Regions of Ruin

Name of Game: Regions of Ruin
Cost: $12 through Humble Bundle
Developer: Vox
Publisher: Poysky Productions / Phangd
Platforms: PC, MAC, Linux, Steam OS

Regions of ruin is a unique 8 bit fantasy RPG side scroller. In the game, you play as a dwarf who seeks to rebuild dwarven civilization after years of disgrace and enslavement. In order to do so, you must free your captured brethren, eradicate enemy forces, rediscover ancient dwarven ruins, and rally the rest of your race to establish a new dwarven capital.

After getting our hands on this title we have one thing to say: WE LOVE THIS GAME. While it’s 8 bit appearance doesn't look that impressive at first, it’s complexity and unique gameplay make it hard to put down. I thought I would try my luck at the next to last difficulty in order to give myself a challenge and I found it to be a decently difficult. The only reason I did not choose the hardest level was that it takes you back to square one once you wipe… which honestly happened a lot. While gameplay is rather straightforward, a healthy mix of different enemies and consistently changing environmental navigation always keeps you on your toes. As you try to take out a heavily armored fighter, his archer buddies will consistently bombard you with arrows. If you try to attack the archers, you have to not only dodge their bombardment but also jump from ledge to ledge in order to get to reach them. All this trouble, only to have a spellcaster strike you down. This provides a you a great recipe for a true challenge, and sometimes major frustration.

In order to help out against whatever enemies this evil world throws at you is its equipment system. Equipment is on a color coded rarity scale and can help boost your characters stats, damage resistance, and overall weapons damage. Combine this system with a unique crafting system and worker management (to help gather resources for your stronghold) and you get a deeper RPG feel from this title. As you adventure, you find unique quests that provide rewards in the form of workers, resources, or unique equipment that allows you to help grow your dwarven village from a mere campsite to a true metropolis. As a result of building up the city, you a rewarded with access to more powerful equipment and the ability to craft more items.

As you fight your way through the ruins of ancient dwarven society, you see the amount of detail left by the producers. At each “battleground” there is not only a unique environment and enemies to navigate, but there are also unique statues, plaques, and tombstones from an ancient dwarven society that someone had to take the time to think of. Some sites have unique interactions that invoke emotions and connection with the dwarves as well.  Yet after all of our testing, here is a quick take away of the games Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Hours of Addicting Gameplay
  • Small File size for quick downloads
  • Works for all computer operating systems
  • Affordable price


  • No Multiplayer
  • Healing system is a little awkward.
  • Low replay value.

If you think the game sounds interesting, go ahead and pick it up for yourself. If it doesn't seem like much at first, I would still recommend picking it up in case of a rainy day (or a day with heavy lag or no internet) because I believe you will be in for a surprise. Either way, if you do decide to get the game, you can do so and still support the Gaming and Chill Podcast by following the link below and picking it up through our partners at Humble Bundle! Until next time gamers!