Far Cry 5

Game: Far Cry 5
Developer: Ubisoft
Rating: M for Mature
Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS4
Mature Content: Blood, gore, language, adult references, drug/alcohol references, animal violence and… reproduction.   

So I will admit I got a little over-hyped with this game. The plot line goes something like this: you are a Sheriff’s Deputy who is part of a task force which consists of two other deputies, the local sheriff, and a federal agent who are going to take down a religious cult fanatic in Hope County Montana. Of course, this doesn't go according to plan and ends up with your helicopter shot down and zealot militia crazies chasing you all around the Big Sky state with all signal to the outside world being blocked off. It almost seems like the events at Waco Texas, the Most Dangerous Game, and the 1998 movie the Patriot (with Seagall, not Gibson… look it up). All the while wild animals are making it their duty to off you from the shadows.  

So, since I was a resident in Montana for about 5 years, I thought to myself this may be an awesome game to play in order to invoke memories. While it’s beautiful scenery, colorful characters, and sport hunting/fishing are fun for the first hour or so, you quickly realize it's nothing more than all of the previous far cry games. You skin animals to make money, use money to buy weapons and add ons, and then liberate individuals and do a series of repetitive small tasks in order to liberate specific regions in order to save your buddies and take out the bad guys… and it can take forever.

Gameplay in this game is super sketch. For example: a 5.56mm round to a wolf, deer, skunk, or badger dome should drop them instantly… this isn't always the case. However f its a fanatical cultist, it drops them every time. Crafting items is a pain, and there is no option anywhere to sell scrap components you never see yourself using. When you go around a corner and double back, enemies will often instantly re spawn in the areas you just cleared. The base jumping mechanics are also garbage. Whenever you attempt to make a dive, you end up going only a few extra feet than you could with the parachute deployed.

While there were many disappointing aspects about this game, there was definitely some comic relief. Throughout the County you can find monuments to a man named Clutch Nixon which has you do some of the most outrageously manly/American challenges you can imagine. Combine that with America themed weapons skins, the phrase “Obama’s Libtards” being used, and being able to arm yourself with a LITERAL bear in your party makes it interesting. All the while, you get to team up with a Man named Dutch Roosevelt which in all honesty is a true American in my opinion. The biggest redeeming factor of this game is its multiplayer and arcade mode… and they didn't really do much to influence my rating.

If you are looking for a new type of game to try, Far Cry 5 most likely isn't the game you are looking for. If you want an America themed game you can help hours pass by with, you may be in luck. To be fair, the religious cult does clearly distinguish itself from Christianity but its use of over reverb songs, interesting gospel radio tunes, and a televangelist like appearance of one of the main characters definitely send a complicated and confusing message. So any Christian who is worried that they are “sinning against God” by playing this game, there's not much to worry about since this Cult leader has proclaimed himself to be God and the savior… which if you don't understand that makes someone a complete heretic… you really need to go back to Sunday School. I give Far Cry 5 a five out of ten stars.