The Seven Deadly Sins

So everyone loves a good fantasy anime right? Knights, wizards, dragons, and talking animals definitely make up an award winning combination. When it comes to the Seven Deadly Sins, this combination appears yet again in an epic medieval clash of the titans feel. 

The series starts out at the majestic Boars Hat Tavern. It young owner Melodias and his talking pig friend Hawk are minding their own business when a stranger wanders in, and this peaceful tavern becomes part of a magic adventure series. As it turns out, Melodias is the leader of seven fighters known as the Seven Sins. They are a set of powerful (and pretty much immortal) individuals who are on the run because they were accused of killing the head of the Kingdoms "Holy Knights", a league of soldiers blessed with magical abilities akin to that of demi-gods. 

The Seven Deadly Sins has a total of three seasons and a full length movie that hold pretty close to the OG manga series. The animation is great, and a number of characters (my favorite is Ban) have some great backstory. However, some other characters are slightly lacking (even by the third season) in their reason for being the way they are. While this may be due to a few more seasons planned, the series story seems to drag. 

Additionally, if you were looking for strictly swordfighting knights, this will be a dissapointment because the series focuses on magic and fistfighting rather than swords and jousting. The main characters are super OP and the bad guys are often double that slaughtering all humans foolish enough to get in their way. If you thought the power levels of DBZ were skewed, just wait till you see this. 

 One thing to note, there is often partial nudity and groping (mostly done by Melodias himself). Combined with the constant dismemberment (and multiple ways people try to kill Ban) I would highly advise keeping children away from it. However, if you are looking for a feel good action/adventure story, I would definitely give it a watch. My final rating is a 3 out of 5. Agree or disagree with my review? Let us know in the comments below. Want to take a look into the series yourself via video or manga? Check out our sponsored links below and support Gaming and Chill while you do!


 Anime Year of Release: 2014

Director Tensai Okamura

Writer: Shōtarō Suga

Music: Hiroyuki Sawanoa and Takafumi Wada

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Watch It On: Netflix

Final Score: 3 out of 5