Hero ≠ Mask

Ok so technology is cool, gunfights are awesome, and the vigilante cop genre isn't going anywhere. If those three things are something you enjoy, I would highly recommend giving the Netflix original Hero ≠ Mask a shot. Set in future London, this series centers around James Blood (super cheesy name I know. He is a loose cannon cop with the SSC, and frequently breaks the rules and is a little trigger happy. When a close mother figure like friend dies unexpectedly, James find himself at the center of a conspiracy investigation that involves corrupt corporations, non-government organizations, mercenaries, and basic medical ethics.

So… while this series may seem pretty epic, it's filled with Hollywood cliches. (Be warned I'm going to give me spoilers in the next few moments) Super talented main character who seems to have super regenerative physical abilities since he is always getting the ever loving crap beaten out of him but he's always there in the next scene. James Bond like gear and equipment at the hands of the most well equipped police forces you have ever seen, yet somehow the force must not be able to hire decent officers because they literally get massacred time and time again (and they are the good guys). Also, the V for Vendetta feel cannot be missed because the first episode of the series literally is on the 5th of November and a lady is killed due to an untraceable poisonous injection.

In addition to the cliches, I felt overall this series was lacking in it's originality. The authors seemed to pull all of their influence from V for Vendetta, the Bourne Series, James Bond, and Man on Fire at some points. Furthermore, the character backgrounds of every “main character” I found to be extremely shallow since they seemed to be too interested in playing the imitation game. I also found the ending to be quite abrupt, so any hopes one may have about a second season should be put to rest.

I gave Hero ≠ Mask a 2.5 out of 5 because it was rather hard for me to enjoy this series. While I enjoy many of the series/movies it drew it's influence from, I found the series level of imitation to be more distracting than

Enjoyable. Additionally, there was not a single individual that seemed to be truly relatable untill the end of the series (also one of the bad guys, but I will let you figure out which one). If you really have nothing better to watch on Netflix ( and trust me the list of decent items is definitely shrinking) give it a watch.

Anime Year of Release: 2018

Director: Hiroyasu Aoki

Writer: Hiroyasu Aoki

Music: Hisaki Kato

Studio: Pierrot

Watch It On: Netflix

Final Score: 2.5 out of 5