The Rising of the Shield Hero

So, picture you have a pretty sweet life. Your parents take pay your rent and provide an allowance for keeping your brother on the straight and narrow for them. You basically get to live a pretty sweet life playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime all day. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig right? Well for Iwatani Naofumi, that was the life. That is... until one day he finds a magical book and is transported to an alternate along with three others from different universes as well. While he could have been summoned as the Spear Hero, the Sword Hero, or the Bow Hero, Naofumi was rather summoned as (what many believe to be) the lesser of the heroes: the Shield Hero. As the shield Hero, it is discovered that he cannot attack enemies, which will be a problem because they have to defend multiple waves of magical enemies to save the kingdom they have been summoned to. 

While this may seem like alot, Naofumi also gets two other handicaps added to him: first he is framed by a woman who claims he raped her, and second, he has all of his money stolen from him. So penniless, scorned by everyone in the kingdom, and unable to fight, Naofumi sets off on trying to find his purpose and a new identity as the sheild hero. 

First off, I want to state that after watching this anime, anyone who tries to say it is going directly against the "Me Too" movement is missing the bigger picture. The idea was to find the most despised of individuals, and what better fits that description than a man who has forced himself upon an unwilling individual (because remember kids, no always means no). Instead, the false rape claim was meant to portray how much the Kingdom came to hate the Shield Hero and how alone he was cast down. 

That big controversy out of the way, this is a definite story of the underdog. How you can overcome any obstacle, yet stay true to you morals. Also, it is a love story and a tale of compassion. It has plenty of action, wolf girls (for all you s along with lessons about trade and politics. Additionally, it has the VR video game feel without being a VR video game story (complicated I know).  Overall I give Rise of the Shield Hero a 4 out of 5. It's highly recommend you give it a watch! 

 Anime Year of Release: 2019

Director: Takao Abo

Writer: Keigo Koyonagi

Music: Kevin Penkin

Studio: Kinema Citrus

Watch It On: Crunchyroll

Final Score:   4 out of 5