In the case of most mediums of written or recorded communication, there is an obligation for some sort of introduction. So the inevitable question is: where does one start? It could be that I introduce myself as the author, so let’s begin there.

My name is Sam. I’m more commonly known by my username TheUncleSam because I am actually an uncle to two awesome nieces and I’m sure there will be more nieces and nephews to come. I’m a husband to the amazing and beautiful Allison, and father to my daughter Harper who is only a few weeks from being born as I write this. I grew up in Georgia until I was nearly 18 and then went on an adventure with my family and moved to the beautiful state of Montana where I learned some heavy yet important life lessons. We now reside in Louisville with the rest of the members of Gaming and Chill. I hold an Associates degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and I work a 40 hour work week like the rest of the world.

So the next question to answer is what is this blog going to be about? That’s actually a great question, well it will be about a lot of things: faith, family, finances, and failures on a personal level. In addition to this, there will be a lot about the United States mixed in. While many will assume I’m a right wing fanatic, they will assume wrong. I’m not an Obama hating, Trump loving, America first junkie, but rather I am a proud patriot of a country that has been shaped and formed by many men and women of multiple races, religions, and nationalities into a nation like no one has ever seen. It’s not perfect, but we got a lot right. With that being said, there was a lot that we as human beings did wrong as well.

This blog will have a lot about both the good and the bad of our nation, but it will also cover some of my favorite hobbies: technology and games. Both of which I enjoy while listening to my best of American music playlist (which you can find here: You will also be able to see me interact with three of my best friends here at the Gaming and Chill broadcast as we joke around, have fun and figure out life. Most of all, you will get to watch us discover who we are as men, husbands, and fathers.

Thanks for tuning in. Also, from our families here at Gaming and Chill we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and may God bless you all. We look forward to see everything that is to come in this new year.   

Digital Health: Episode 1