Help Support the Podcast 

The truth is, We cant do anything without you.

The team at Gaming and Chill truly loves everything we do. Creating new content, hanging out, and interacting with all our fans and followers. Really, it is like a dream come true. However, everything we do takes a decent investment of time and money. In addition to the podcast, we also have to care for what maters most in our lives.

All the members of our team have full time jobs and families in addition to the work they contribute here. The unfortunate reality is that tech, internet connections, hosting subscriptions, and games cost money. We do our best to limit these expenses we promise, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and pay expenses out of pocket (which sometimes makes our significant others pissed). 

In order to help the podcast to continue what its doing, there are three ways that you as our followers can help us out.


1. Join the Gaming and CHill Community and Tell your friends.

If you haven't already, stop by our Community page and join our Discord server so you can chat with the Gaming and Chill team and other community members as well! Also, we recognize that word of mouth is a powerful thing. Digital word of mouth is even more powerful. Like, power level over 9000 powerful.

Whenever you re-tweet, share, like, and send; it gets our message out to the rest of the world. We always like hearing from our community because it reminds us we are not just talking to ourselves... even though we do that from time to time. It also lets us know if there is something that you as viewers and listeners want covered that we may not be aware of! You can also contact us via the Contact Us page. Trust us, we keep track every time someone does us a solid and definitely follow back. Check out our social shortcuts below! 

2. Support us via Twitch

Another way you can support us via our Twitch Channels. This not only allows you up to receive alerts on when we are streaming, but allows you to donate and tip directly in order to help the team pay rent... and our children's future college expenses because we all know that aint cheap.

3. purchase VIA our affiliate

Gaming and Chill partners with Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle is a site that offers gamers and geeks with great deals on eBooks, games, software, and audio books, all the while supporting us here at gaming and chill, but also charities as well! All you need to do is click on the link below and purchase to your hearts content and at the end it will provide the option for you to choose where your purchase goes to help out!  

Helping out in any of these three ways is most appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts, we at Gaming and Chill would like to say:

Thank you all for your Continued support!